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Through our school projects, we wish to raise awareness among school children against plastic’s terrible impacts on environment. Children will learn age-appropriate skills to manage plastic waste, reduce their use, and they would also be encouraged to find alternatives to plastic through brainstorming workshops and science fairs. Auritry hopes and wishes that children will realise the importance of nature in the eco-system and learn to care for it more by making a direct contribution to reduced environmental pollution. This project will also ensure that each student shares their newly acquired skills and knowledge with five other people to enhance overall community awareness (inspired by ‘Tin Goyenda’s Voot theke Voote method!). If a habit can be created through proper education and campaign, it will simplify the problem at many levels. Overall, this project aims to target about 50 students from one school for each year through three groups (15-20 students from grade 3-5, grade 6-8, and grade 9-12). There will be 45 minutes-long eight fortnightly sessions, and materials would be delivered in Bengali.