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Our Courses

Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an increasingly sought-after skill in industries from environmental science to public health. This Specialization will teach the skills you need to successfully use GIS software in a professional setting. You will learn how to analyze your spatial data, use cartography techniques to communicate your results in maps, and collaborate with peers in GIS and GIS-dependent fields. In the final Capstone Project, you will create a professional-quality GIS portfolio piece using a combination of data identification and collection, analytical map development, and spatial analysis techniques.

Course registration fee: 399 taka (The amount will be used for humanitarian works and mitigating the plastic pollution problem in Bangladesh. Moreover, these will be used in awareness campaigns and other events for preventing plastic pollution.)

Last date of registration: 06/04/2022

Are you interested in Qualitative research, and would also like to better explore plastic pollution problems? Then this workshop is perfect for you.
In this two-hours session, you will learn the followings:
   1. What is qualitative research: methodology and methods
   2. How to prepare a transcript
  3. How to analyse a transcript using a combination of ‘framework and thematic analysis’

This session will be conducted by our research team leader Sara Zabeen, who is an expert qualitative researcher of a reputed Australian institute. We will be using real life examples (qualitative data), to demonstrate this analysis. After completing the session, all participants will also be able to email a preferred transcript of their own (max 2 pages), to receive one-to-one feedback from Ms Zabeen.
If this workshop piques your interest, then please register by 7 April 2022 11:59 pm. All the money raised from this session will directly go to our funding, to organise field events like awareness raising against plastic pollution, tree planting etc. We look forward to meeting you at the session.

Last date of registration: 07/04/2022

Auritry is proud to present our three online courses Nature Observant Warrior (NOW).

‘Nature’ (Grade 1- 5) represents primary-level students. Kids of this age are like soft clay, could be shaped to love the nature. Whatever they learn at this tender age, will stay with them forever.

The online classes will be delivered by our capable members who are truly passionate about making a real, positive impacts on the environment. No matter where you live, in Dhaka or outside, in Bangladesh or abroad- you and your children are most welcome to join our FREE online courses. Only requirements: you understand and speak Bengali and you have access to internet. Please follow the link below to register NOW.