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Similar to the school project, the same study design would be carried out in Adivasi schools targeting appx 50 students. However, there is a small catch. We wish to develop and deliver the study contents in Adivasi language. Our initial understanding and research suggest that Bangladeshi Adivasi people use the least amount of plastic- they instead rely on locally sourced compostable materials, which are eco-friendly. Auritry wishes to transfer this knowledge and skills among the non-Indigenous population to find alternatives to plastic. The benefits of this project are two-fold: firstly, it would be easier for Adivasi children to comprehend the topic in their language. Secondly, Auritry hopes to keep alive the language and culture of our Adivasi population in Bangladesh. The project would be run by a passionate small Adivasi team to retain the authenticity of this project and ensure its maximum benefits.